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Fishbowl from the Reef - Jellyfish Cove PDF

Fishbowl from the Reef - Jellyfish Cove PDF

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Fishbowl from The Reef - Jellyfish Cove is the second in a series that allows you to bring the beauty of The Great Barrier Reef into your home. It features some of the gorgeous coral and cute sea creatures that you can find in Australia’s natural wonder. The chart is charted for DMC. It is stitched in full and half stitches with some backstitch in different colours. There is also the option of a French Knot for the small Seahorse eye, but if that is a daunting prospect feel free to just use a cross stitch. The pattern includes the use of a variegated thread for some of the coral. There are 23 colours listed, but it is the perfect project for using up leftover orphan threads as only 0.1 of a skein for many!


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